Our Services

Strategic Planning


The best missions and products need a clear vision and a detailed plan of action to achieve their potential. Whether starting out or updating an existing strategy, an independent eye can help bring clarity to your vision.

Resource Realignment


Without the proper alignment of people, time and money, even the best strategic plan can not succeed. Department and project funding should be driven by organizational strategy. 

Policies & Procedures


A clear set of guidelines should set the standard for operational efficiency and effectiveness. Succinct directions ensure your team finds the correct path to success.

Compliance Testing


Once a strategic plan is in place with a properly aligned budget and a clear set of guidelines, thorough and ongoing testing is critical. It is the only way to ensure compliance, verify KPIs, and make adjustments as needed.

Improvement Districts


Many states and municipalities provide a mechanism for business owners to create a district to generate funds for a common district-related endeavor. This could be the right opportunity for your needs.

Event Trust Funds


In Texas, and a few other states, programs exist that provide funding to attract certain meetings or events that might otherwise go elsewhere. This can be the differentiator that ensures you win the business.